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“We are in the business of Revitalizing Education.
Experiential Development is our formula. ”

“We are in the business of Revitalizing Education.
Experiential Development is our formula. ”

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The trips we cover

Astronomy /Science study tour

Adventure study tour in India

Art of wellness study tour in India

Wildlife Discoveries / National Park Tour in India

Spiritual and Pilgrimage Study Tour in India

Cultural and Heritage Study Tour

Why Bummlers


Our Travel Counsellors are available to talk and offer first hand experiences to help you with your experience. From helping your children register to handling payments to to answering any questions, you can trust us.


We select each of our hotels based on comfort and hospitality to ensure you can rest easy, each night of your trip. With sequenced Indian meals throughout the trip and regional meals that bring local flavours to life, we create a home away from home.


From booking flights to accommodation to local transportation to finalising sightseeing and accommodation reservations, we handle everything. School faculty members (10:1) accompany the students. All of this, at a price match guarantee.


From narrating real stories behind the history of iconic landmarks to unravelling on-the-go curiosity to handpicking the best local sights to visit, our local guides take you through the local culture, people and customs.


Our endeavour lies in giving you a control to your experience and learning. We offer opportunities to add tour extensions and choose from a variety of local destinations and sights that best suit your interests.


Our Tour Director will make sure the entire group is safe, secure, and well-guided, 24x7 . Our Tour Directors are specially trained to foster leadership development, host powerful conversations and debrief pivotal experiences.

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