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How Bummlers is helping female travellers, travelling with ease.


So Bummlers has taken this initiative to encourage female to travel, whether in group or solo.

As we say Travel Like A Bummler, "Bummlers" is a German language word which means "Globetrotter" in English. Have the spirit of globetrotter while you are travelling because travelling is something which does not come every month. For some people its once in a life time experience and to travel like a bummler you need to be care free so that you can enjoy every moment of your voyage.

So Bummlers has taken this initiative to encourage female to travel, whether in group or solo. We all know female solo/group travel is not so popular yet in our nation. In female travel the most important concern is the safety not what other thinks. And we think others might be having same concern, "Safety" for girls when they are travelling. And we can not resist that this situation somehow manipulate the mind of many girls to take a decision to go out for travel with their girl gang or solo.

So girls if you think why boys should have all the fun then its time to take decision on all your travelling wishes and fantasies. Team Bummlers has researched for over a year to make female travel safe, smooth and entertaining without even compromising with your experience. It is going to be in the same way as you all might have seen girls chilling out in Hollywood movies on their trips whether they are travelling solo or with their girls gang.

Now we would like to let you know how we are promising you a safe and pleasant experience -

1- Best destination management - nearby hospitals, police stations, extensive local knowledge , expertise and resources of all the areas on expedition.

2- All vehicles are personally verified and GPS enabled.

3 - All drivers are professional well trained and personally verified.

4 - We ensure that there should be no travelling after 7pm in remote areas and travellers should check in at their hotel before sunset on each day of expedition.

5- 24*7 Travel assistance

6- 24*7 road side assistance. 

7- Dedicated female trip coordinator for group trips.

We hope that after going through all these facts you might have started getting the feel that we have got all the points right so far and this is not done yet while designing your trip beside ensuring these points. Our travel expert will be there to provide a personalised experience of your tailor made trip, and it will make you realise that this experience has been designed for you only by keeping your all expectations and requirements in mind.



So girls get ready for your next Voyage and now its time to travel free and as we say "Travel Like A Bummler". Spread the words in your girls gang and ask them to join you on your next Voyage.

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