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Self planned trips or trips planned by a travel expert which to choose and why

Suchismita Ghosh

Travelling is supposed to be a breathe of fresh air, and if it’s not done properly, it can turn out to be a complete nightmare.

Self planned trip although might seem like a fun thing to do, it ends up being a hassle when you have to look into every minute detail of your trip. The biggest hassle comes in the form of selecting a location. After that is finalised comes booking of tickets – availability, price and whether there are stop overs or direct flights. Next comes booking of hotels – hotel bookings will include checking their availability, their location and price. Finally, comes the itinerary of the whole trip. Every detail from places to visit, places to shop from and to eat from have to be figured out. Not only is this tiring, it is sure to kill the whole fun associated with travelling and checking out the place. Another major road bump would be locating yourself in an unknown city – a major drawback for travellers who have a hard time befriending or communicating with people. Chances of getting scammed run high too. Another important aspect of self booking a trip is the time involved behind getting everything done. The task is not only time consuming but it also ends up killing the excitement one might have of going for a trip. 

However, when opting to go for a travel agent, all these hassles are looked into by the agent himself. First of all, if you have a fixed budget and want your whole trip to be planned according to that, the travel agent is sure to follow it because they avail special discounts, promos and offers which may aid in keeping your budget in check. In case you feel you can do so yourself, chances are you’re sure to overspend – either accidentally or on purpose.

The travel agent is sure to plan your travels with ample time in hand – not only for the whole trip but for a little self exploration too.

 A travel agent won’t ever charge hidden fees. Everything is open and on paper so you needn’t worry of being scammed. In case you’re stuck somewhere or are lost and confused, be sure that the travel agent will come to your aid. You won’t have to search for help from unknown people. 

The thing about a travel agent is, they will provide you with personalised attention because you are his/her responsibility. Since he/she has taken charge of your whole trip, they will see to it that all your needs and requirements are taken care of. Another very important aspect of opting for a travel agent is, they provide you with insurance, something which you won’t have if you’re booking the tour yourself. When opting for a travel agent, all you’ll need to let him know are some of the basic questions – location, budget and time period of travel, and the rest is taken care of. Basically, your work is done in a matter of minutes, where as if you take it on yourself, it’s bound to take you forever. 

A travel agent is a specialist in his job. He knows the different requirements each and every client of his/her may have and he personalises tours and outings accordingly. Unlike you, who may be a novice at it and won’t know how to go about the whole deal, a travel agent is sure to know how to put all your needs into a package and serve it to you – according to your needs and convenience.

Therefore in conclusion, it is safe to say that opting for a travel agent is a better idea not only because they’ll provide you with a trip of a lifetime with a pocketful of memories, but because they’ll see to it that you get more than what you ask for. They’ll look into every need and provide you the trip you’ve been wanting to make, wrapped into a gift ready to be opened and explored.

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Suchismita Ghosh

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