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Best monsoon getaways in India


Monsoons are the perfect time to travel and explore in India. With flora and fauna booming and in all it’s charm and glory, monsoons in India have a beauty of its own. Floating clouds, the occasional drizzle, smell of the wet Earth, a slight cold making you want to wear your light woolens – all this is what makes up a monsoon retreat perfect. Given below are 5 of the best monsoon getaways in India which are sure to make you want to pack your bags and leave for the monsoons!

You think of rains and Cherrapunji is sure to cross your mind. Often considered the wettest place on Earth, Cherrapunji is a must visit during monsoons. With the clouds for company, greens all around in the form of forests and hill tops as well as beautiful and serene waterfalls – this is what sums up a trip to Cherrapunji. The clouds may hamperyour visibility a little but then that only enhances the whole experience. The Nohkalikai Falls, Dainthlen Falls, Kynrem Falls are some of the must visit falls of Cherrapunji. If you wish to explore the rustic side of Indian moonsoons, then Cherrapunji is the place to be in.

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